From the recording 21st Century Car


Of all that I have I ought to have moreAs hard as I work I wonder what for / paid for everything – don’t have anythingMama said I was gonna go far / ain’t going nowhere/ Until I get me a ride that’ll take me far21st century car / Shiny chrome and leather inside / look at me and watch me rideJoin the human race - take my rightful place / move to the right I wanna get byCan’t get through until I take what’s rightfully mine / 21st century car As much as I give I gotta give more / cash in my pocket till I leave the storeBuy me everything – don’t leave anything / what comes in must go outTill more comes in I guess I’ll live / but I’ll live without / 21st century carDreams at night when I sleep / haunt me in daylight when I thinkThoughts of all that’s been – and what could have been In my brain my thoughts are clear / It’s one half rage and one half fear / I’m a shooting star21st century car / think just how lucky you are /  watch TV, up all night / all I see just ain’t rightWhere’s my dignity – there’s no sanity / change the channel, change my waysMaking a list of all the things that should go or stay / 21st century car / there’s a sign along the roadLook both ways before you go / Danger, danger, there is – danger, danger, dangerWatch my speed lest I crash / what’s it for except some dreams / and some cold hard cash21st century car / one foot out, one foot in / need more courage to beginStand up straight and tall – up against the wall / how many pennies in a jarHow much change will it take till I’m in that car / then i can be where you are / 21st century car