Doug McCurry & The Verticals is the latest release of alt-pop-rock recordings by Charlotte NC-based Doug McCurry, featuring the tracks "Knocked Me Down", "Nasty", and "Five Years Ago".  

Romance Like It Was, released in 2012, features the tracks "King of Hollywood", "Wanda", and "Along The River".  The song "Along The River" was featured on the May 2012 CMJ Mixtape.

Seven Songs About Leaving is the first solo release by Doug McCurry, which ponders the certainty of change, and the paradox of an unknown future that accompanies it. 

Doug McCurry has been involved in original music since the 1980's, as both a musician and producer.  He was a member of the band Big Brick Building, who released 2 CDs and drew the attention of industry professionals, critics, and alternative music fans.  After several years of absence, Seven Songs About Leaving marked the return of Doug McCurry to writing and recording music.


"Mama Said No. 2"