1. October Rain

From the recording October Rain


It was in the fall / when we ran away / leaving everyone behindCalling no one / writing no one / leaving no trace / what did they know?What did they care? /  go start the car /  deep in our love / deep in our fears / there's no going backStanding alone in the October rain / cold and determined / angry and hurtingI feel the sorrow / I feel the rain / but I can't deny the blood in my veinsBaby on the way / you worked odd jobs / I worked at night / the years went on byThe miles rolled on / and the distance it grew / what would they think? / what would they say?If they could see you now / pick up the phone / hang up the phone / so many yearsStood at the door / scared and confused / I was sixteen againRang the bell once / rang the bell twice / no one was homeDeath ain't what's bad / instead it's the rot that comes from insideNothing but pain / nothing but hurt / unreconciled